Real-Time Remote Surveillance

Life in a Day was developed in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute. The solution enabled real-time and recall based self-reporting and surveillance via mobile devices and cloud computing.


On its own, Life in a Day can generate a powerful information stream for clinical monitoring, medication therapy management, clinical trials or behavioral interventions.  Regardless of the clinical or research application, the platform is designed to enable customizable and user friendly reporting of your Life in a Day.



Real-time and recall based self-report

- Fully customizable user interface

- Multitasking of simultaneous activities and events

- Integrated view of of behavioral, psychosocial, environmental, and contextual measures

- Cloud computing

- Reporting and data mining



Clinical Trials / Medication management

Remotely track multiple variables at one time from an individual, groups or populations using a web based reporting interface. Get a unique view of the cross-sectional view of the relationships between the medication and many aspects of daily living including physical activity, nutrition, mood, etc.


Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse

Remotely track a patient’s real-time behaviors, mental states and other surrounding contexts. Analyze data patterns based on multivariate analysis.

Active Living

Remotely track real-time behaviors, medications, mental states and travel patterns for an individual or a population.