Remote Wound Care

The Vignet MobileConsult Remote Wound Care solution is a complete turn-key enterprise solution for health systems, ACO's, ER's, EMTs and more. The system is fully secure and HIPAA compliant.

Collaboration. Coordination. Care Delivery. Patient Satisfaction. ONE SINGLE SOLUTION.



• Increases access to care for patients in ultra-rural, rural, suburban and urban areas

• Increased cost effectiveness

• Patient satisfaction because of convenience, costs reductions and speed of resolution

• Better specialist utilization because of ability to quickly triage large numbers cases

• Trains front-line clinicians and case workers to handle less complicated cases on their own

• Population health and scientific research by leveraging large datasets of de-identified cases/images

• Medical education and training

• Solution is easily extensible to other clinical workflows (radiology, diabetic retinopathy, ENT, etc.)



• Consistent user experience across mobile software (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7) and browser based portal

• Notifications via email and mobile messaging (SMS/phone alerts)

• Secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based server o Account management and authentication o Cloud-based secure storage and image processing

• Account and group administration web-based tools

• Patient, population health and administrative reporting

• EMR integration Solution



Client-based software is downloaded from the mobile app store onto the user’s smartphone or tablet. The server can be hosted by Vignet or installed on-premises behind the customer’s firewall.