About Us




Vignet is an exciting young company that is at the epicenter of a huge global transformation that is just starting to improve infrastructure and accountability for individual health, public health and population health.  Vignet has established itself as a leader in enterprise solutions for individual health, public health and population health for payers, health systems, pharma, government, military, medical device companies and researchers.


Vignet’s secure and HIPAA compliant solutions enable completely new models for healthcare delivery and extend proven industry models including Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), Health Homes, Integrated Health, Remote Telemedicine Programs, Medication Therapy Management (MTM), Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse Programs, Remote Monitoring, Ecological Momentary Assessments/Surveillance, Health Risk Assessments and Population Health Research.


The suite of solutions provides a bridge between the HOME, the COMMUNITY and the PROVIDER SYSTEMS through deployment of secure and HIPAA compliant mobile applications, secure  message delivery system, PHR, web-based provider/researcher portal, “program” data mining tools, secure cloud computing and integration with EMR's.



The Vignet approach is consistent with fundamental principles of healthcare transformation as the solutions enable extremely broad reach while retaining low cost structure.  This “force-multiplier” approach extends the care delivery models outside of the clinic wall and clinic hours and at the same time provides data and communication linkages between the patient and the health system through mobile and cloud computing technology innovations. This approach fosters patient satisfaction, patient engagement and patient ownership of their health and well-being.  In addition, the data linkages and data-mining tools enable clinicians, healthcare systems, government and policy makers to enforce accountability, analyze ROI and draw analytical conclusions about technologies, interventions, models and health care system implementations.



The suite of mobile, web, messaging and cloud-computing tools enable personalized health programs and interventions that are delivered broadly to populations. The personalized programs are engaging to the individual as they deliver the right information at the right time.  And the programs provide substantial ROI opportunities because they can be automated and are flexible to be targeted at individuals, cohorts or populations in the context of prevention, acute care and hospital re-admission prevention.

Vignet solutions enable better health, better healthcare at lower cost.